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Approximating the figure of Earth by an Earth spheroid the radius ranges from a maximum of nearly 6378 km 3963 mi equatorial radius denoted a to a minimum of nearly 6357 km 3950 mi polar radius denoted b. A nominal Earth radius is sometimes.

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The earths equatorial radius is 6378km.

How far to center of earth. And that its primarily solid. The earth has 4 main parts the crust mantle and the inner and outer cores. Please support me on Patreon.

From the nearest star outside the solar system the distance to earths center averages about. Given what we know about the properties of iron then scientists have come to various estimates about the temperature of the center of the Earth. The thickness of the atmosphere is about 60 miles.

How to calculate the distance to the Earth center if I know the elevation above the reference geoidHelpful. The average distance separating Earth and the Moon center to center is 384 000 km. Proxima Centauri is the nearest star to Earth other than the Sun and is 42 light-years away.

The Earths atmosphere is an extremely thin sheet of air extending from the surface of the Earth to the edge of space. The very short answer is. Weve got approximately 27000 light-years between us and the galactic center.

Do not divide the radius of Earth by the calculated distance. The Earth is a sphere with a roughly 8000 mile diameter. The distance is from the centre of the Earth so we need to subtract the radius of the Earth R 6371000m.

The center of the earth is deep underground and as far as the surface of the earth goes there is no center. Average radius of Earth is 3956 miles if you average the radius at the Equator and the radius at the Poles. How far is the Sun from the center of the Milky Way in AU.

Assuming this is reasonably accurate for the Western Deep Levels the depth represents little more than 005 of. In this picture taken from a spacecraft orbiting at 200 miles above the surface we can see the atmosphere as the thin. Next pour 110000 tons of molten iron into the crack.

The distance between the center of the Earth and the surface of the planet is 6371 kilometers 3958 miles the crust is 35 kilometers 21 miles thick the mantle is 2855 kilometers 1774 miles thick and the deepest hole we have ever drilled is the Kola Superdeep Borehole which is only 12 kilometers deep. In the Earths crust the outermost shell of. Answer 1 of 3.

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For finding the position of center of mass in terms of radius of the Earth the calculated distance is divided by the radius of the Earth. R3 GM ω2. The core is the biggest bit and is 3500 km or 2100 miles wide.

H GM ω21 3 R. Detonate a thermonuclear weapon to blast a crack several hundred meters deep in Earths surface. The latest analysis indicates that the Earth is 2000 light-years closer to the center of the galaxy and traveling 43 miles per second 7 kms faster than previously estimated.

The radius of the Earth or in other words the distance to the centre is 6300 km or 3963 miles. The solid inner core of iron has a radius of about 760 miles about 1220 km according to NASA. The distance from the Sun to the center of the Milky Way is approximately 17 x 109 AU.

It is between 4300 and 7200 degrees celsius in the middle of the. How far is the center of mass of the Earth-Moon system from the center of the Earth. If the stated values of G M ω and R are put into the formula it gives a value of about 35870000 m.

That means the Earth is 12600km 7926 miles in diameter wide in total. The center of mass lies at 4672 km from the Earth and this distance is 0733 times of the radius of the Earth. The distance to the center of the Earth is 6371 kilometers 3958 mi the crust is 35 kilometers 21 mi thick the mantle is 2855km 1774 mi thick.

So neither Greenwich Paris Mecca or Jerusalem are the center of the earthYou can make a map centered around any spot you want. So the height of geostationary orbit h is given by the formula. The Earth is located in a quiet neighborhood in one of the smallest spurs of the Milky Way the Orion Arm.

It gets very hot very quickly as you journey towards the center of the Earth. Earth radius denoted by the symbol R or by is the distance from the center of Earth to a point on or near its surface. At the Poles is 3949 miles and at the Equator the distance from the surface to the center is 3963 miles a difference of 14.

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The first step in Stevensons journey to the center of the Earth. Stevenson told me that he now thinks 110000 tons is an underestimate. Use the data in Table 73 to find the net gravitational force exerted by Earth and the Moon on a 300 multiplied by 104 kg spaceship located.

According to current research the temperature of Earths inner core is approximately 5700 K thats 5430C or 9806F. At the center of the Earth is the core which has two parts. Note that this distance and the depth of geological layers varies across geographical.

The solid inner core of iron has a radius of about 760 miles about 1220 km according to NASA. The distance to the centre of the Earth has been taken as the volumetric mean radius of the Earth. Its a comfortable spot to live in.

From the center of the sun the distance to earths center averages about 93000000 miles.

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